Our Mission

The mission of Northeast Energy Solutions (NEES) is to provide sound analysis, effective advocacy, and public education related to the routing of proposed energy transport projects in the Northeast.

Our focus is on the effect of energy infrastructure development as it relates to economic vitality and environmental impact.

About Us

NEES is a coalition of nonprofit environmental organizations and other stakeholders committed to identifying the best solutions for proposed energy projects in our region.

Media Coverage

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Kinder Morgan formally withdraws application for Northeast Energy Direct pipeline
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Kinder Morgan formally withdraws federal application for Northeast Energy Direct pipeline
016-05-23 – Mass Live

Pipeline opposition action possible
2016-05-16 – Hampshire Gazette

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Lawyers, courts look ahead to pipeline opposition action
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Baker administration pushes natural gas at Statehouse climate hearing
2016-05-04 – Springfield Republican

Natural gas pipeline project may not be dead
2016-04-29 – Lowell Sun

NED gas pipeline killed by lack of demand and customers, and intense opposition
2016-04-23 – Berkshire Edge

Western Massachusetts conservationists jubilant, cautious over pipeline’s demise
2016-04-21 – Mass Live

Letter: Land is not protected to provide for pipelines
2016-03-24 – Berkshire Eagle

Anti-Eminent Domain but Pro-Pipelines: A Republican Conundrum
2016-03-04 – Inside Climate News

Gas Export Decision Stirs Debate Over Mass. Pipeline Need
2016-02-25 – WBUR News

Consortium of conservation groups, land trusts opposes pipeline intervention by Irving Oil Terminals
2016-01-28 – Hampshire Gazette

Export impact: Group calls for pipeline hearing
2016-01-27 – Greenfield Recorder

NED pipeline ‘riddled with innaccuracies’
2016-01-18 – Energy Global

Foes criticize application filed by Tennessee Gas Pipeline for Northeast Energy Direct project
2016-01-15 – Daily Hampshire Gazette

FERC under fire: Area pipeline opposition groups hammer regulatory agency
2016-01-14 – Greenfield Recorder

Pipeline foes question need as Berkshire Gas seeks more capacity from Northeast Energy Direct
2016-01-14 – Springfield Republican

Export anxiety: Where will pipeline’s natural gas wind up?
2016-01-12 – Greenfield Recorder

Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co. responds to FERC questions
2015-12-29 – Greenfield Recorder

Tennessee Gas Pipeline: Regulators ask company to consider alternative route
2015-12-17 – Berkshire Eagle

FERC wants pipeline questions answered
2015-12-11 – Greenfield Recorder

DPU allows long-term contracts between utilities, pipelines
2015-10-05 – Greenfield Recorder

Suit alleges unfair DPU process on gas pipeline
2015-09-22 – State House News Service

Pipeline co. touts study on electric rate savings
2015-09-10 – Greenfield Recorder

Our Opinion: Berkshire Gas parent company must be more open
2015-08-09 – Berkshire Eagle

Nonprofit coalition flags Berkshire Gas parent’s pipeline investment
2015-08-07 – Berkshire Eagle

Environmental Group Criticizes Berkshire Gas Pipeline Investment
2015-08-04 – Boston Globe

Group Objects to Co. Owner’s Investment in Pipeline
2015-08-04 – Daily Hampshire Gazette

Mass. Lawmakers Want FERC To Postpone Process In Pipeline Review
2015-07-29 – WAMC

Environmental coalition opposed to pipeline seeks halt to DPU proceedings on Berkshire Gas contract
2015-06-18 – Daily Hampshire Gazette

Williamstown Wants More Info Before Joining Anti-Pipeline Coalition
2015-06-09 – iBerkshires.com

Kinder Morgan gas pipeline opponents seize on tweaks to project’s scale
2015-06-06 – Berkshire Eagle

Mass. DPU Denies Advocacy Groups Intervener Status In Pipeline Contract Hearing
2015-06-01 – WAMC

Lenox joins advocacy group ahead of gas pipeline hearing
2015-05-29 – Berkshire Eagle

Pipeline opponents target deals
2015-03-30 – Lowell Sun

Kinder Morgan filing confirms revised Berkshire pipeline route
2015-03-16 – Berkshire Eagle

Tennessee Gas Files Draft Environmental Impact Report
2015-03-15 – Greenfield Recorder

Could Keystone Be America’s Last Pipeline
2015-01-10 – Politico

New coalition forms to fight pipeline
2014-12-15 – Greenfield Recorder

Northeast Energy Direct Pipeline Route Moves North
2014-12-11 – WAMC

Lenox Considers Joining Coalition for Pipeline Process
2014-11-24 – WAMC

Oil, natural gas surge makes Philadelphia the new energy hotspot
2014-11-16 – CNBC


Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Kinder Morgan Northeast Energy Direct (NED)
Docket #PF14-22-000
Docket #CP16-21-000

Kinder Morgan through its subsidiary Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company seeks a certificate to build 188 miles of a natural gas pipeline from Wright, NY to Dracut, MA, along with 75 miles of laterals, plus compressor stations and other infrastructure. This new “greenfield” pipeline will be designed to transport between 0.8 Bcf/d to 2.2 Bcf/d.

2016-05-23 TGP Notice of Withdrawal of FERC Certificate Application

2016-04-06 NEES Objection To TGP Motion For Leave To Answer

2016-01-20 NEES Further Protest of FERC Acceptance of TGP Application

2016-01-12 NEES Protests FERC’s Acceptance of TGP’S “Defective Application”

2015-12-14 NEES Motion to Intervene Before FERC

2015-10-30 NEES Comments On Draft Resource Reports

2015-09-10 NEES Comments, Senate President’s Regional Comment Session

2015-08-31 NEES Further Comments on TGP NOI to Prepare EIS

2015-05-11 NEES Initial Comments on Resource Reports

2015-03-13 NEES Comments to FERC

2014-10-29 NEES Letter to FERC

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Kinder Morgan Connecticut Expansion Project (CEP)
Docket #CP14-529-000

Kinder Morgan through its subsidiary Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company seeks a certificate to construct and operate three looping (storage) sections of pipeline in NY, MA, and CT, totaling 13.26 miles. The loops will increase transportation capacity by 72,100 Dth/d on TGP’s existing 200 Line and 300 Line pipeline systems.

2015-11-23 NEES Comments On Environmental Assessment

2014-09-03 NEES Motion to Intervene

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
Coordination of the Scheduling Processes
of Interstate Natural Gas Pipelines and Public Utilities

Docket #RM14-2-000

FERC requested public comments on a proposed rule that would better align gas pipeline transportation scheduling practices of the natural gas and electricity industries, so that more pipeline capacity could be available for electricity generators that rely upon natural gas.

2014-11-25 NEES Comments to FERC

U.S. Department of Energy

Pieridae Energy (USA) Ltd.
Docket #14-179-LNG

Pieridae Energy requests authority to export to Canada up to 292 billion cubic feet (Bcf) per year of natural gas (0.8 Bcf/day) for a term of 20 years. The natural gas would be exported near Baileyville, Maine on the Maritimes & Northeast US Pipeline.

2015-05-21 NEES Supplement to Motion for Leave to Reply

2015-02-27 NEES Motion for Leave to Reply

2015-02-09 NEES Motion for Leave to Intervene

U.S. Department of Energy

Notice of Proposed Procedures
Proposed Procedures for Liquefied Natural Gas Export Decisions

In May 2014, DOE announced a plan to revise its procedures for acting on applications to export liquefied natural gas (LNG), and sought comment. On August 15, 2014, DOE announced it would act on applications to export LNG from the lower-48 states to countries without free-trade agreements with the U.S. only after the review required by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) has been completed by FERC, thus suspending its practice of issuing conditional decisions prior to final authorization decisions.

2014-07-21 NEES Comments to DOE FE

Maine Public Utilities Commission

Docket #2014-00071

The Maine PUC is investigating whether or not it would be cost effective for the state to enter into an Energy Cost Reduction Contract. Under the Maine Energy Cost Reduction Act enacted in 2013, the state may enter into such a contract to purchase capacity on a natural gas pipeline up to 200,000 Dth/d at an annual cost not to exceed $75 million.

2015-08-05 NEES Opposition to TGP Appeal

2015-03-20 NEES Opposition to TGP Appeal of Procedural Order

2015-03-01 NEES Consolidated Response

2015-02-10 NEES Motion for Leave to Amend Comments

2015-01-20 NEES Comments to ME PUC

Maine Public Utilities Commission

Maine Natural Gas Corporation Petition for Approval of Agreements
Docket #2015-00063

Maine Natural Gas Corporation (MNG) has filed with the Maine Public Utilities Commission a petition for approval of a precedent agreement, service agreements, and negotiated rate agreements with Algonquin Gas Transmission LLC and Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline LLC. MNG asserts the precedent agreement is consistent with the state’s energy policy objectives to expand natural gas service in Maine and with the Maine Cost Energy Reduction Act.

2015-04-14 NEES Motion for Entry of Appearance

2015-04-08 NEES Petition to Intervene

Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities

Columbia Gas of Massachusetts Petition for Approval of Agreement
Docket #15-39

Columbia Gas of Massachusetts is seeking the DPU’s approval of a 20-year firm transportation agreement with Tennessee Pipeline Company, LLC. The agreement will facilitate construction of Tennessee’s Northeast Energy Direct pipeline (NED). The agreement will provide to Columbia Gas 61,700 dekatherms per day (Dth/d) of new capacity, and will replace 52,600 Dth/d of existing contracts, for a total of up to 114,300 Dth/d of pipeline capacity through 2024.

2016-05-10 NEES Questions Suspension of NED in Supreme Judicial Court

2015-09-21 Petition to Appeal DPU’s Ruling on Berkshire Gas Company

2015-07-17 NEES Initial Brief

2015-06-05 NEES Motion to Amend Procedural Schedule

2015-06-01 NEES Notice of Intent to Sponsor Witness

2015-05-18 NEES Appeal of Hearing Officer Ruling (Corrected)

2015-05-15 NEES Motion for Leave to Answer

2015-05-05 NEES Petition for Leave to Intervene

Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities

Berkshire Gas Company Petition for Approval of Agreement
Docket #15-48

Berkshire Gas Company is seeking the DPU’s approval of two complementary forms of gas transportation agreement for 20-year terms with Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company. The agreement will facilitate construction of Tennessee’s Northeast Energy Direct pipeline (NED). The agreements will provide to Berkshire Gas up to 36,000 dekatherms per day (Dth/d) of transport capacity – a volume that includes all existing contracted amounts with TGP – through 2024.

2015-08-03 NEES Letter to Attorney General

2015-07-17 NEES Initial Brief

2015-06-05 NEES Motion to Amend Procedural Schedule

2015-06-01 NEES Appeal of Hearing Officer Ruling on Petitions to Intervene

2015-06-01 NEES Notice of Intent to Sponsor Witness

2015-05-28 NEES Motion for Leave to Amend Petition

2015-05-22 NEES Petition for Leave to Intervene

New York Department of Environmental Conservation

Proposed Constitution Pipeline

FERC has approved construction of the interstate Constitution Pipeline, designed to move natural gas from Pennsylvania to Northeastern markets. The New York DEC maintains the authority to review applications for specific permits and approvals, including an Air Title V permit for the proposed compressor station upgrade, as well as a Water Quality Certification, a Protection of Waters permit, a Water Withdrawal permit and a Freshwater Wetlands permit for state-protected wetlands and adjacent areas. It set a deadline of February 27, 2015 for public comments on its review of the proposed pipeline.

2015-02-27 NEES Letter Regarding Constitution Pipeline Project


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